Why are we number one?

please read below and find out

All prospective Artists of the EDWARD QUEEN TEAM are intensely interviewed, screened, rigorously trained, assessed and handpicked by Edward Queen himself, to be skillful Masters in their Art before taken on as a Professional Makeup Artist in our team. Furthermore, they are all licensed with the State of Texas as Cosmetologists or Certified Makeup Artists. Prior to an appointment, the skills of every Artist are assessed and great consideration is put into each and every booking to achieve the perfect Artist to Client pairing. Edward Queen has complete confidence that the members of his team will service every Client with the skills and professionalism that he himself would provide. Please understand that Celebrity Makeup Artist Edward Queen himself is booked months in advance and if you require or request to have him personally, there is no up-charge. Please plan and book accordingly by filling out the form below. As always, thank you for booking with Belleza Latina Beauty Salon. You may book multiple appointments at the same time. If you are getting married you can simply add the bridal party to the date and time on your reservation. *** Please fill out contact for if you have any other questions or comments. For same day appointments please call


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